About Us


Who We Are

Braemeg Regulated Non-WDT Sacco Society Limited was registered in the year 1988 to facilitate savings and provide credit to employees working at Braeburn group of International Schools & other International Schools. Over the years the Sacco has witnessed growth in its assets, Resources and Membership. Braemeg Sacco is regulated by SASRA.
Initially the Sacco drew its membership from Employees of Braeburn Group of International School. The Sacco today has the following member organizations just to mention afew:
    I. Braeburn Gitanga Road
    II. Braeburn Garden Estate
    III. Braeside School.
    IV. Braeburn Arusha.
    V. Braeburn Mombasa.
    VI. Braeburn Kisumu
    VII. Braeburn Imani
    VIII. Braeburn Nanyuki.
    IX. St. Christopher Schools
    X. Hillcrest,
    XI. Brook house Schools,
    XII. Peponi,
    XIII. Roselynn International Schools,
    XIV. St. Andrews Turi among other international Schools
Braemeg Sacco also has membership in the Diaspora i.e USA, UK, CHINA, DUBAI among many other countries
The common bond for membership at Braemeg sacco Limited is as below;

  • i) Employees of all international schools
  • ii) Spouses & Children of employees of all international Schools.
  • iii) Employees of Braemeg Sacco Limited