About Us


Governance Structure

The Board & Supervisory members serve for a term of 2 years after which they can opt to resign from the Board or offer themselves for re-election. Election for a position in the Board is open to all members.
Within the Board there are several sub-committees including the following;

  • Credit Committee.
  • Education & Business Development Committee.
  • Finance & Admin Committee.

BRAEMEG SACCO has an Office Secretariat that runs the day to day operations of the Sacco. The Secretariat Comprises of a CEO, Sacco Accountant, Accounts Assistant, Credit relations officer & Customer care officer.

The SACCO is privileged to have a wealth of diversity in its membership both locally and foreign. While such diversity may come with associated challenges, the Society has fostered unity of purpose among members and is proud to say that the results have been a resounding success.
BRAEMEG also holds a unique position as a SACCO that has a Board and management team who are professionals in either finance, management or other business areas. In this regard the SACCO is confident that all decisions are carefully thought through before they are made.